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Join Titian on the 26th September for our webinar about how Mosaic FreezerManagement can transform the tracking and management of your laboratory samples. 

The webinar will explore how Mosaic FreezerManagement has provided productivity benefits for our customers as well as why there has never been a better time to introduce best practice to your sample management with cost effective and flexile solutions available. 


  • Toby Winchester, Business Application Consultant Team Leader, Titian Software
  • Marcus Oxer, Application Consultant, Titian Software
  • Anne Vergnon, Application Consultant, Titian Software

This webinar will take place on 26th September at 16:00 GMT, 11 AM US East Coast, 8 AM US West Coast

To register for the webinar, simply fill in the form. 

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Titian's Mosaic software

Mosaic software enabled Genentech to manage and track complex, high throughput projects and optimise sample management support for high throughput screening antibody discovery and protien production

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