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This free to attend tutorialTitian's and Tecan's Soundly Fluent Support of AstraZeneca's Vision of Acoustic Sample Management,  will take place at the SLAS 2019 conference in room 151B on Tuesday 5th February at 09.30am. 

It will cover:

  •  Why is it important for AZ to move to acoustic processing, and what processes will be covered by the latest Tecan Fluent systems?

  • How Titian and Tecan have evolved together for sound and future proof integrations
  • How Titian and Tecan are supporting the creation of the AcousticX filled tubes and HTS source plates.


  • Clive Green, AstraZeneca
  • Toby Winchester, Business Application Consultant Team Leader, Titian Software
  • Jason Meredith, Tecan

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Mosaic software enabled Genentech to manage and track complex, high throughput projects and optimise sample management support for high throughput screening antibody discovery and protien production

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