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This white paper reviews the challenges and best practice for managing samples in your lab, and discusses where sample management software, such as Titian's Mosaic, can bring you savings. 

From the white paper, you will learn:

  • The common problems of inventory management, including:
    • finding space without opening the freezer door
    • optimising available storage space
    • strategies to free up space
    • getting started with barcoding
  • The importance and benefits of accurate sample information
    • ensuring accurate information capture
    • why Search is your key tool for gaining efficiencies
    • tracking freeze-thaw cycles and expiry dates
    • why labelling matters
  • Considerations for consolidating systems and expanding to cope with change, including
    • managing inventory housekeeping
    • dealing with freezer breakdowns
    • bringing in automation
    • adopting a new sample management system

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Mosaic FreezerManagement software

Titian's Mosaic FreezerManagement is a fully optimised, cost-effective software package designed for rapid deployment to manage small and medium sized collections. FreezerManagement keeps track of samples in freezers and provides a comprehensive audit trail as samples are accessed and aliquoted.

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