Titian Mosaic integrates with Tecan

Easily process labware and set up liquid handling runs using Mosaic

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2018 Mosaic 

What you need to know

Mosaic SampleBankTM brings the benefits of end-to-end sample inventory and workflow management to the Tecan Fluent® and Freedom EVO® via a dedicated integration. 
This means:

  • Specification of the desired output plates or tubes, including required batches, concentrations and layouts,
    is performed in Mosaic via an easy to use interface
  • Mosaic automatically translates the requirements into a workflow
  • Users are guided through setting up a run on the Tecan liquid handler based on the parameters of the Mosaic workflow, including labware placement, tip selection, and reagent and standard/control positions and volumes.
  • Mosaic validates the run and writes and executes the required Tecan instrument control scripts via a dedicated Mosaic application.
  • As the liquid transfers are performed, inventory and workflow updates are made in Mosaic in real-time
  • Full error handling to allow an operator to safely resume and complete an interrupted run.