Titian Mosaic integrates with Tecan

Easily process labware and set up liquid handling runs using Mosaic

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2018 Mosaic FreezerManagement

What you need to know

Mosaic FreezerManagement offers a simple integration with Tecan liquid handlers via the import of results files containing sample transfer information obtained from the liquid handler.

Mosaic records the transfers from the source to the destination labware, including volume decrements, and creates the output labware automatically if it doesn’t already exist.

Operations are supported between plates and/or racks of
tubes, including:

  • Cherry Picking
    • selection and transfer of liquids, one by one, from a source tube/well to a destination tube/well
  • Replication
    • The transfer liquids from one plate or tube rack into another other plate or tube rack where the sample arrangement is identical in the source and destination