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In this recorded tutorial, we will demonstrate how to achieve a seamless workflow to support the iterative drug discovery life cycle of designing, planning, testing and analysing.

The approach effortlessly moves data to where it needs to be - ultimately providing researchers with the environment to focus on their science.

The tutorial will illustrate the overall workflow, as well as the relevant interactions with the individual software components (Titian’s Mosaic, HighRes’ Cellario and Genedata’s Screener).

This workflow provides the following benefits:

  • Reduce overheads and bottlenecks without compromising on world-class technology
  • Effortlessly move your information to and from your laboratory automation
  • Free scientists from tedious manual tasks to focus on research
  • Perform complex informatic and laboratory automation workflows with ease
  • Gain a full audit trail for data, samples and operations

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Titian's Mosaic SampleBank software

Mosaic SampleBank software provides full inventory tracking capabilities coupled with sample ordering and workflow management in a pre-configured simple package. It enables a seamless, error-free, sample supply chain with a comprehensive audit trail.

Mosaic’s modular approach makes it easy to start small and upgrade or extend the software’s functionality whenever needed. It also integrates with a huge variety of other automation and software to support your choice of workflow.

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