Top picks for sample managers at SLAS 2020


How new technologies can connect and enhance your sample management is a strong theme of this year's SLAS. With this in mind, here are Titian's sample management highlights, selected from the full SLAS2020 conference programme:

Saturday 25th January

8:00-4:30 PM – Room 2
Short Course: Sample Management: Best Practice, Trends and Challenges
Susan Crimmin, Glaxo SmithKline; Kathi Shea, Brooks Life Sciences
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Monday 27th January

10:30-11:00 AM – Room 8
Data Analysis and Informatics Track: The Lab of the Future: Automation in the Digital Age
Michael Shanler, Gartner Inc.
While performing upgrades to laboratory informatics systems and adopting "hyped" technologies such as IoT, AI/ML, AR/VR and blockchain may support modernization on the surface, many existing "Lab of the Future" (LotF) strategies run the risks of only delivering incremental value. This session, reviews the meaning of digitalization, the technologies important for achieving LotF, and outline strategic steps for ensuring your LotF strategy will be aligned to deliver true value in the Digital Era.

12:00-12:30 PM Room 8
Data Analysis and Informatics Track: What, Where, How and Why? - Case studies on implementation of Lab of the Future technologies in discovery life sciences
Umesh Katpally, Novartis
This presentation reviews the past few years to understand where we are currently in the context of implementing LotF ideas and how they have been implemented.  What are some of the LotF ideas that have not come to fruition and why? Based on this, can we anticipate what new LotF ideas will be come into being in the years ahead?

2:00-2:45 PM Room 11A
Exhibitor Tutorial: Trends in Automated Sample Management 
Dean Montano, Brooks Life Sciences; Toby Winchester, Titian Software; Jason Meredith, Tecan
Brooks Life Sciences, Tecan and Titian present innovations in unmanned integration from order to plate delivery. We will discuss workflow case studies and host a discussion on the future trends.
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Tuesday 28th January

9:30-10:15 AM Room 11A
Exhibitor Tutorial: Launch of HTS at Sygnature Discovery (supported by Titian Software, HighRes Biosolutions and Genedata)
Denise Swift, Sygnature; Toby Winchester, Titian Software; Oliver Leven, Genedata
Sygnature Discovery’s new HTS system offers a fully automated platform to deliver high data fidelity with integrated compound tracking. The potential for manual operator errors and process bottlenecks is significantly reduced, leading to more robust and higher quality screening. Currently our HTS system is being used to screen Sygnature Discovery’s 150K custom Lead Finder compound library and continues to add to a growing track record of delivering quality novel chemical starting points suitable to start new projects.
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12:00-12:30 PM Room 6F
Automation and High-Throughput Technologies Track: Innovative tube and dispensing technologies enable fully acoustic workflows for drug discovery assays
Silvio di Castro, AstraZeneca
Innovative design and deployment of novel labware, instrumentation and software technologies have delivered an automated, fully acoustic platform and a step-change in small molecule Sample Management (SM) processes. Here we show high quality concordant datasets from the first fully acoustic workflow for physico-chemical, enzymatic, cellular and in vitro ADME assays.  We also show a reduction in (i) sample usage in these assays, (ii) DMSO usage throughout the process, and (iii) future synthesis requirements. We have implemented and validated novel labware and instruments for a transformative and sustainable solution to many drug discovery issues applicable across the industry.

Wednesday, January 29

8:00-9:15 AM, Room 2
Sample Management Special Interest Group (SIG)
Chairs: Susan Crimmin, Glaxo SmithKline; Rosalia Gonzales, Pfizer


The full SLAS2019 programme is available here

Technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT), mobile and Cloud or Software as a Service (SaaS) make it even easier to connect your sample management with the benefits of traceability, efficiency, integrated processes and compliance.

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