Titian's SLAS2018 Essential Sample Management Guide

#SLAS2018. 3-7 Feb 2018

San Diego Convention Center

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Titian's Essential Sample Management Guide @ SLAS2018

Sat 3rd Feb 

08:00-15:15 Location 4
Short courseIntroduction to laboratory automation (Stephen Hamilton, SLAS; Jay Gill, BFLConsultants) 

Sun 4th Feb 

08:00-15:15 Location 3
Short courseSample management: best practice, trends & challenges (Susan Crimmins, Glaxo SmithKline; Kathy Shea, Brooks)

Mon 5th Feb

11:00-11:30 Location 7AB
PodiumAutomated biobanking in R&D at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (Rostislav Chernomorski, Regeneron) 

12:00-12:30 Location 7AB
PodiumBridging the materials management gap: leveraging Amgen’s compound management infrastructure to include biologics (Christina Glazier, Amgen)
12:30-13:45 Room 5A
TutorialThe new sound of sample management: development of new technologies and software to enable the use of acoustic liquid handling from sample store to screen. Room 5A (AstraZeneca, Labcyte, Titian Software, Brooks Automation) 

14:00-14:15 Booth 1635
DemoManaging acoustic workflows for lead discovery (Titian, Labcyte) 

Tues 6th Feb 

09:30-09:45 Booth 1635
DemoManaging acoustic workflows for lead discovery (Titian, Labcyte) 

14:00-14:45 Room 2
TutorialPartnering to close the screening loop: from sample logistics to automation to analysis and back. Room 2 (Titian Software, Genedata, HighRes Biosolutions) 

15:00-17:00 Location 6F
StreamScreening automation: modular vs highly integrated systems (Sam Michael, NIH – chair) 

Weds 7th Feb 

12:00-13:15 Location 16B
Special Interest GroupSample Management (Rose Gonzales, Pfizer; Susan Crimmins, GlaxoSmithKline; Marybeth Burton, Merck)

Looking to learn more about sample management? Find out more here. 

About Titian Software

Founded in 1999, Titian Software supplies software and consultancy to improve sample management and inventory logistics for life science research. Mosaic is Titian’s customizable, modular software to control and monitor all aspects of sample storage and preparation for compounds, reagents and biologics. Companies worldwide, from small biotech to global pharma, trust Mosaic to provide a seamless, error-free sample supply chain. SampleBank and FreezerManagement provide optimized and pre-configured subsets of Mosaic available for rapid deployment. www.titian.co.uk

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