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German Biobank Symposium overview:

The symposium is one of the most important events in the German biobank calendar, in which, in addition to exciting lectures and discussions, an intensive exchange between the participants takes place on all topics of biobanking. We look forward to your participation and cordially invite you to participate in lectures and posters on the content design!

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Ask Titian's application specialists about practical sample management solutions gained from 20 years of working with biopharma. Learn how you can:
  • Improve workflows by automatically logging workflow steps and providing context-relevant information using augmented reality
  • Deliver seamless integration of lab equipment and workflows - watch our liquid handling integration video
  • Integrate your favourite registration system and/or analytical result tool with an inventory management system. Catch up with our webinar.

    If you are also visiting this event, and would like to learn more about Mosaic software, please contact us to arrange a meeting.

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