Location: Seaport World Trade Center, Boston, MA, USA
Booth: 426
Conference overview

The Bio-IT space right now is rife with hype. Blockchain, AI, machine learning, data science, deep learning, edge, IoT, and more are being touted as panaceas, sure to at least facilitate a cure for what ails you. There are some legitimately cool technologies maturing, but there is also plenty of smoke and mirrors designed to conceal the tech growing pains. Bio-IT World strives to clear the air with in-depth technical presentations in 18 tracks, education opportunities at 14 workshops, three expert-judged awards programs, and countless face-to-face conversations.

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Titian Software have helped pharma and biotechs manage and track their sample collections since 1999. We can help you solve problems such as:

  • Can I integrate my registration system and/or my analytical result tool with an inventory management system?
  • Where do I start to set up an inventory management system for my bio samples?
  • How do I bring my liquid handler into an automated workflow?
  • What can be done to reduce manual file transfers in our lab workflows?

If you are also visiting this event, and would like to learn more about Mosaic software, please contact us to arrange a meeting.

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