Future Labs Live 2020 overview:

The world’s most multidisciplinary event for R&D, quality and manufacturing laboratories is now online! There will be interaction with speakers, networking, Q&A and live virtual roundtable sessions as well as broadcast live presentations, in-depth panel discussions, and interviews from practitioners, technicians, scientists, innovators and start-ups.

Find out more at the event website

Virtual meetings are the new normal:

  • Select the people you’d like to meet from the list of registered participants
  • Future Labs will then set up and host a virtual meeting for you

Titian Software application specialists would be delighted to talk to you! We offer practical and integrated sample management solutions gained from 20 years of working with biopharma.

Examples are:

  • Using augmented reality to improve workflows by automatically logging steps and providing context-relevant information 
  • Delivering seamless integration of lab equipment and workflows: watch our liquid handling integration video
  • Discover how an integrated acoustic workflow has driven a efficiency step change in drug discovery - read our blog
  • Hear why Sygnature Discovery chose Mosaic software when building their HTS capability in this interview with Denise Swift

If you would like to learn more about Mosaic software, please contact us.

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