Titian Software, your proven partner for sample management

BioAscent has seen huge changes to its business since the Contract Research Organisation (CRO) was founded in 2013.

Since its foundation, BioAscent has used Titian Software’s Mosaic sample management to underpin its services by managing its inventory, sample processing and audit trail.

“It’s clear for me, Mosaic is the number one asset of the value proposition when we discuss compound management with clients. For a client, if he says two years later ‘there is something wrong with this plate’ – we are able to come back to that run and know exactly if the run was interrupted. That audit trail for us is very, very essential. Even if it is not routinely used, the client knows he can refer to it. It’s very positive for him." Dr Sylviane Boucharens, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, BioAscent

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