Mosaic Sample Management Software

Mosaic gives you full control of your samples. It manages their storage and processing throughout their lifetime.

Key features:



inventory tracking

Inventory Tracking

workflow management

Workflow Management





Remote Ordering
The customers of the sample bank can place orders in terms they understand – a list of the samples they require and the form in which the samples should be supplied. Mosaic determines whether the samples are available in the required form for immediate despatch and, if not, initiates the necessary workflows to create them.

Inventory Tracking
Inventory information is robustly tracked in the inventory database, so you always know exactly what you have and where it is.

Workflow Management and Integration of Robotic Workstations
Mosaic’s workflow manager orchestrates all manual and automated processes that handle the samples. Staff are guided through the individual operations, and data is automatically passed to robotic workstations. This eliminates human error and ensures that the correct methods and procedures are executed on the workstations, through every step of every sample preparation process.